Fondue Pot

Had a fondue party last night! The party was a smashing success, in the relaxing sitting around talking for a few hourse sense. It was nearly perfect. It was a bit hot in my house, and I had to split the pots across different electrical circuits to keep the power on. :-)

We borrowed 1 and purchased 3 of the pot pictured above for about $20 a piece.

I was afraid that we were going to have an accident and spill hot oil on somebody. Fortunately I found that the electical cords for these pots are held on by a magnet, so it’s unlikely you would yank a pot off a table by pulling the cord if you are careful. Like don’t let the cord wrap around the legs of the pot, etc.

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One Comment on “Fondue!”

  1. hojit Says:

    Gottta love the fondue!!!! It reminds me of playing in wax when I was a kid. Only now it tastes good.

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