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Two Gems

November 24, 2004

Tonight I bring you two gems.

Gem number 1 comes from a blogger of 2 years who laments his obscurity in a genuinely funny post.

Gem number 2 comes from John McCarthy, father of the Lisp family of programming languages, writes about some political and scientific issues that are close to his heart. McCarthy believes, as do I, that human progress is sustainable, will not destroy the planet, or eat your cat, or oppress the masses. Trolling through these pages was a real treat for me. The arguments are very calmly reasoned, and weaknesses were readily admitted. I started at the Nuclear Now page and progressed to more of his site from there.

Ok, some of you may find my second gem to be a rock, but I liked it.


November 21, 2004

Jeff, I’ve installed OCM, but I think my spammer is too sophisticated for it.

Has anyone made a button for the comment moderation screen that sets all the comments to delete?

Class Action Lawsuit Against the NBA?

November 21, 2004

Odd. I don’t know exactly what grounds these folks are planning to sue on, but I’m a little skeptical.

Being stupid isn’t criminal, (ok, civil problem maybe) and I’m not a big fan of litigious stuff like this. I’ll admit tough, that it feels satisfying. I’d rather organize a mass consumer bycott or something, in a way that doesn’t hurt the Pacers organization.

NBA Ruling a Disgrace

November 21, 2004

Update: In a sea of opinions, including my own, Mark Cuban writes something uplifting. Thanks Mark, I needed that.

I’m disgusted by the ruling from the NBA suspending players for the meelee in Detriot Friday night.

Second, we must re-examine the adequacy of our current security procedures in Detroit and our other 28 arenas.

The key word in the above paragraph is “second.” Providing and executing security is the responsibility of the club owner. That should have been first.

But first they threw the players down the stairs, as those were the unfortunate American citizens being followed by the cameras, making said owners look bad. Ron Artest has a shakey image so coming down hard on him isn’t too big a PR hit, nationally. The Pacers are a small market team, so again, small PR hit. It’s slick and despicable.

Those players are American citizens. They should be given the benefit of the doubt. They were put in an extremely vulnerable position.

The Detroit Pistons’ organization sold an inappropriate amount alchohol to certain fans. Maybe they should donate the evenings beer profits to a charitable organization and make a public apology.

I was at a WWE Raw event (not entirely of my own volition, but that’s another story) and Conseco Fieldhouse wisely shut down the alchohol sales partway through the event. The NBA club organizations could stand to take a lesson.

David Stern isn’t my NBA commisioner.

Pacers suspension unfair

November 21, 2004

I think that the suspensions handed down by the NBA are unfair. I think that Ben Wallace should have received just as much as the others. He started the chain of events. If he had not assulted Artest or thrown the towel at the Pacers none of this would have happened. Artest did an outstanding job keeping his temper until he was assulted by a fan, and the fans did not start throwing things until Wallace threw a towel at the Pacers.
I am also very disapointed that the Pistons were not fined for the actions of their fans. That is unacceptable. I think that the players should strike and back up Artest. I know that all involved need to be punished, but I think that all involved should have the exact same punishment. Maybe next time Wallace would think twice before he took a punch at another player. This is NOT right!!!! It is an outrage. It is NOT just!!! Ben Walace IS responsible and if Artest is suspended for the rest of the season I think he should be too!

More Comments… Spam

November 19, 2004

Just spam. Bummer.

Update: Wow! talk about spam, I’m temporarily moderating all comments until I can figure out what to do with this flood.

Phone Number On The Front Page?

November 17, 2004

I’m considering following Scobelizer’s lead and putting my cell phone number on the front page of my blog.

Ok, what if I get called by some nut while I’m supposed to be in a meeting at work? Or what if they USE MY PRECIOUS MINUTES??

I’m not doing it just yet… but maybe… decisions…