Pacers suspension unfair

I think that the suspensions handed down by the NBA are unfair. I think that Ben Wallace should have received just as much as the others. He started the chain of events. If he had not assulted Artest or thrown the towel at the Pacers none of this would have happened. Artest did an outstanding job keeping his temper until he was assulted by a fan, and the fans did not start throwing things until Wallace threw a towel at the Pacers.
I am also very disapointed that the Pistons were not fined for the actions of their fans. That is unacceptable. I think that the players should strike and back up Artest. I know that all involved need to be punished, but I think that all involved should have the exact same punishment. Maybe next time Wallace would think twice before he took a punch at another player. This is NOT right!!!! It is an outrage. It is NOT just!!! Ben Walace IS responsible and if Artest is suspended for the rest of the season I think he should be too!

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