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smartpm internals

January 28, 2005

Jeff Johnson explains how smartpm does it’s amazing depsolving tricks.

The Real Comment Spam Killer, Finally

January 19, 2005

From Slashdot, rel=nofollow is really going to cripple comment spammers. Yay!

In the future, I will want the ability to selectively remove the nofollow attribute from links just like I moderate comments now.

Back troubles?

January 19, 2005

Nobody likes back troubles.

If it’s wildly freaked out tight muscles, take a brand of magnesium suplements called backflex. Works wonders.

Smart Package Manager

January 12, 2005

Spent some time today with Connectiva’s Smart Package Manager. My interest in it was not so much as a package manager for my workstation or other systems, but python access to the internal algorithm.

To test this beast I went ahead and gave it a whirl on my workstation, running unstable. I let it do an upgrade. Unfortunately it incorrectly determined that I needed to have both libreadline5-dev and libreadline4-dev installed, which dpkg considered a conflict. (I think this was due to the Provides.)

However, using the evil gui interface I could just manually turn off the libreadline5-dev installation and everything went fine after that.

I do have one huge complaint though about the download mechanism. When my first attempts to upgrade failed midstream, I had to redownload all the not yet installed packages. That has to get fixed!

Also, the download seems to do five simultaneous connections to the repository host when fetching packages. This should probably be replaced with proper pipelining. Bombing the server with simulaneous connections is probably bad netiquette, especially when pipelining should be just as, maybe more effective, at reducing latency and getting downloads done as quickly as possible.

Overall, I like the idea of a single known good depsolver and I hope the Connectiva folks reach their goal.

The Fedora Build System Explained

January 7, 2005

Another Gafton Gem…

Look at the comps.xml file. You can depend on having in the buildroot the packages from the @base and @development-tools groups. Everything else will have to be BuildRequires:’d in the src.rpm.

The “broad for some tastes” nature of the @development-tools group explains pretty clearly why build requirements in spec files often seem to be lacking, at least by Debian

Why Fedora Chose CVS

January 7, 2005

Cristian Gafton justifies Fedora’s decision to go with CVS and not some other SCM. Interesting read. This had to be a quote of the week:

It all boiled down back to CVS because . . . it had a unique quality: everybody knows what is wrong with it.

Odds are, he’s right. The rest of the post is slightly more positive about other SCMs. I’m no CVS fan so I’d like to see a big deployment of pretty much anything else that is free.