Smart Package Manager

Spent some time today with Connectiva’s Smart Package Manager. My interest in it was not so much as a package manager for my workstation or other systems, but python access to the internal algorithm.

To test this beast I went ahead and gave it a whirl on my workstation, running unstable. I let it do an upgrade. Unfortunately it incorrectly determined that I needed to have both libreadline5-dev and libreadline4-dev installed, which dpkg considered a conflict. (I think this was due to the Provides.)

However, using the evil gui interface I could just manually turn off the libreadline5-dev installation and everything went fine after that.

I do have one huge complaint though about the download mechanism. When my first attempts to upgrade failed midstream, I had to redownload all the not yet installed packages. That has to get fixed!

Also, the download seems to do five simultaneous connections to the repository host when fetching packages. This should probably be replaced with proper pipelining. Bombing the server with simulaneous connections is probably bad netiquette, especially when pipelining should be just as, maybe more effective, at reducing latency and getting downloads done as quickly as possible.

Overall, I like the idea of a single known good depsolver and I hope the Connectiva folks reach their goal.

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One Comment on “Smart Package Manager”

  1. hojit Says:

    Here is a link to a cool idea for a high level universal package management system. It has some acknoloaged problems but a cool idea none the less.

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