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Ballroom Dancing

April 9, 2005

Leave it to me to find the most costly option and purchase it…

Jennie (wife, good looking) had been dropping a few hints that she’d like us to learn to dance together. So for Valentine’s day my gift to her was a few dance lessons for us to attend together. Knowing what is good for me, I had been paying some attention to her hints. What prompted me to make a reservation for a lesson was driving by the studio and seeing their sign. The Indianapolis west side locataion of Arthur Murray [caution: hideous site] is about five minutes drive from my house.

We signed up for just a few lessons. Eight weeks later I’ve lost count of how many lessons we’ve taken and we are figuring out how we can fund an Associate Bronze level learning program. (Notice I’ve been to busy to write in this blog?)

Be warned, this is not a cheap hobby. If you want to get good at dancing the cost of lessons is high. I think it’s on par with a serious gaming hobby, in both time and money, maybe more money.

This is also a very fun hobby, and one Jennie and I can do together. For a few years we rarely went out together. Now we consistently go out together twice a week. Enough said.