On Condemning Property

From Jeff Licquia:

…brings up a practice I despise: the overuse of eminent domain and the practice of condemning perfectly good property as a legal tactic.

I’m no lawyer, but I am a Real Estate Agent, and I don’t think there is such a thing as condemning “perfectly good” property. There is property, which you are allowed to own though a bundle of limited rights. There is “eminent domain,” which allows the government to take property for public use. The process of taking property for public use is called condemning it. That’s it. Condemning doesn’t mean that some building on the land is in poor repair or dangerous or anything. It’s just a funny legal term for “take”.

The article Jeff links to is written by the sad, about the sad, for the sad. I can’t make it all the way though it.

My advice to someone of that persuasion living in a high growth zone is to keep in touch with an agent to monitor the value of your property and sell when it makes financial sense. Even if the money won’t make you happy, fighting city hall and your neighbors will surely make you far less happy.

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