Middle East Feeds

Middle Eastern Feeds are fascinating.

Via Iraqi Expat: This story really caught me. Things are different over there.

The Abu Dhabi Satellite channel recently ran a live opinion poll on the employment of people with special needs. The majority (53 percent) of people that participated in the survey were against their employment, leaving 47 percent of people being in favor of the employment and social integration of people with special needs. Can our societies really be that hard-hearted? The same societies that are labeled as “emotional voters”, when voting in favour of Osama Bin Laden and Saddam Hussein, due to their hatred for America and their love of slogans! But the reasons for what seems to be a heartless result may be more complicated than this.

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One Comment on “Middle East Feeds”

  1. Tim Says:

    I was hoping it was because they felt that such people should be cared for, rather than having to work. It’s what I expected, after the outrage in those parts over families not keeping and caring for their grandparents until their deaths.

    They think that assisted living and retirement villages are prisons, and all Americans are heartless for not accepting their parents into their own homes.

    But I guess every culture has its problems.

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