pdk 0.0.20

At work I just put out pdk 0.0.20. While only one new major feature is in place, it brings out a significant piece of pdk’s original vision.

The ability to publish your workspace history over anonymous http means that it is really easy for another person to pick up where you left off and make a few changes. They can either pull your work into their workspace as an add-on, or make some changes to your work and publish them back to you. Installing pdk on your web server will make this easy and safe, but it isn’t absolutely required. A simple rsync-to-public-server will get the job done with some minor race conditions.

We’ll have to rework some tutorials in the coming weeks. We can make them simpler now. Basically now you can get started customizing a distro in a couple of easy steps. See the mailing list for details, but it boils down to:

  1. Pull Ian’s (or somebody else’s) workspace.
  2. Add your stuff.

The only major headaches left in the distro development process are making installable iso images and package maintenance.

Jeff has been putting a lot of work into pickaxe, and now he is working on integrating it directly into pdk. This will make the new user experience really easy all the way out to making new installable iso images.

I’ve got package build-farming across multiple architectures and some really jaw-dropping maintenance reporting stuff on my mental todo list.

I’m getting excited about all this progress. One user has already proven that the pull functionality works in the field.

Very cool.

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