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Santorini Greek Kitchen is Good Food

April 29, 2009

Santorini Greek Kitchen is a fabulous restaurant. It has independent restaurant atmosphere, super good food, and great wait staff. I recommend it.

After eating Jennie and I drove around Fountain Square. I can see the appeal. It has an up and coming feel without being spoiled by some grandiose master plan. There are a lot of independent businesses around the historic square with genuine appeal. Good food, independent music, a well known swing dancing floor, duck pin bowling, and no cookie cutters to be seen anywhere.

It was a good date night.

Lions vs. Buffalo: Herbivores Unite!

April 28, 2009

Wow. This is intense. It takes some crazy turns too.

via: Lean Six Sigma Acedemy

I’ll spare you the object lesson. IMHO this is more of a “you decide” kind of video.

Lean at Home

April 8, 2009

Going over the sadness that was our 2008 tax numbers we decided to dig a little deeper and see where our money was burning.

The biggest cash burn was buying groceries. It was sometimes $2500 per month big. Ow. That’s a lot of food and stuff.

Obviously cutting back on that is going to free up some cash right? So what to do?

The one thing I was not open to was trying harder. You know, recommit to less spending; really mean it this time; really really try hard. I hate trying harder more than I hate banks, and that’s saying a lot. I hated trying harder before I started studying Lean.

Ahh Lean. Lean business techniques are the opposite of trying harder and so that’s what we’re going to do.

Lean has all the counter intuitive charm I love. So here are a few things we’re trying:

1. Stop buying things on sale.
2. Pay full price to get small amounts.
3. Aim to have an empty freezer and pantry at the end of the week.
4. Don’t plan ahead too much. Try to have only enough on hand to make a few meals.
5. Run more errands, buy less stuff each time.
6. Cook tiny amounts. Shoot for zero leftovers.

With that mindset we saved a huge amount of money our first week of applying this. The proof for us was when Jennie called me at work to say it was bill paying time and we had a whole lot more cash available than usual. Lean for the win!