Deming on Software: First Thoughts

I’ve asked people if they’ve ever read Deming or had exposure to his methods or concepts.

My Dad said, “The statistical guy?”

Before studying Deming, my thoughts were the same. I think we all think that about Deming.

I think at 107 years old, if alive today, Deming would be disappointed to be world famous for statistical methods. I think he’d be disappointed deeply.

Kinda like Indianapolis. You know, the city with the Indy 500? Indianapolis doesn’t hate the 500. It’s part of us. But that wasn’t what we hoped our world legacy would be.

I thought for a long time that Deming was about statistics and manufacturing and uniformity. I’ve been reading his book and I’m finding he was really about something else entirely.

So over the next few days, maybe longer, I’m going to post some of his words.

Here’s a hint about all of this. Deming was not about methods. Deming was not about statistics. Deming thought that applying methods to improve worker productivity was like trying to heal a person, paralyzed from the neck down, with ankle surgery. The problem isn’t down there.

Deming was about fixing top management, not you. On the off chance that you are top management, Deming had harsh worlds for you.

The real fun part about of Out of the Crisis? I’ve never read a book on quality and had a worse attitude than when I started. It’s glorious.

I intend to have some real fun here.

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